Community Use - part of Grenville's future

Many of the older residents in the local villages remember Grenville when it was open and after it became derelict. We have started recording their memories, from those who came as children to play here, to those who's parents kept rabbits and other small livestock within the safety of the walls.

Part of our initial work has been to make the fort safe - remove the dangerous rubbish (fragments of asbestos roofing, fibreglass shreds, rusted metal) and cover up, or at least clearly mark, the large number of unguarded drops. We can then open the doors to the community, for the first time in several decades, and encourage regular visits - for picnics overlooking the bay, for memory-jogging expeditions, and to ask people for their help and input into the project.

As we gradually clear the site and repair the buildings, we want to support new community use. Just what happens here will depend on the enthusiasm of the organising groups, but here are some ideas that have been mentioned:

  --  Banquets and after-dark torchlight events

  --  Music events. Garden parties! A string quartet, tables with cucumber sandwiches and Pimm's...

  --  Youth events. Slightly louder music, camping, workshops

  --  Theatre. The Victorian emplacements would make an excellent stage,with the audience sat in the courtyard below

  --  Schools and educational visits. We hope that Grenville will have something to offer local schools, by way of bringing history and heritage to life in our own area.